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Our interior

  • laa-024-2

    Café, day restaurant and wine bar

    is located in the entrance part of the restaurant. In the nice interior you can enjoy coffee, organic cider, a glass of wine from Moravian vineyard, or maybe something stronger. After lunch you can immerse yourself in newspaper and magazines that are also available for you at the bar.

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    (Ex)Cigar lounge

    with its informal atmosphere is the right place for your business meeting  – then you will definitely use our free Wi-Fi internet access. There is also an interesting view of our wine collection, where we store the current offer of red and white wines not only from Moravian vineyards.

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    Stylish cellar

    is located a couple of steps under the vaulted ceiling. The architectural sophistication is the heart of La Bouchée and also the most suitable place for real feast – whether an intimate dinner for two or with more friends.

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    Private lounge

  • La Bouchée Grill in the Open Gardens