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-1 klub

Klub -1

Are you in search of a venue for a party with friends, a company gathering, or an event? Adjacent to the famous St James´ Square in the heart of Brno, you can find the perfect event space for you – a private club available for exclusive rental.

The club is equipped with its own projection system, sound system and Wi-fi, you will also have the services of our culinary team at your disposal. To enhance the entertainment, we can arrange for a DJ, wine or premium liquor tasting. The air-conditioned basement interior and riendly staff, who will prepare your menu and drinks, create an atmosphere you won’t want to leave.

Seating capacity: 22 | General capacity: 40 | Capacity can be extended even more by connecting it with our Mikrofarma bistro above the Klub -1

Company parties and events

Your concerns about booking premises for a company party will definitely turn into your triumph. In the premises of Klub -1 we can prepare a buffet, a special menu consisting of several courses or small snacks with coffee – always with respect for your budget. Thanks to its good technical equipment – including projection, sound system and internet conection, this quiet private space is suitable not only for parties but also for meetings, presentations, press conferences and other company events.

Private parties and celebrations

It would be our pleasure to prepare a birthday party or celebration for family and friends at our premises – tailored exactly to your requests and wishes. Together, we can arrange the menu, select Moravian or foreign wines, and offer you draught beer such as Polička and Hauskrecht, as well as a selection of liquors.