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About us

You do not have to live near the Mediterranean Sea to experience the magical informal atmosphere, treat yourself to gourmet adventure inspired by Spanish, French and Italian cuisine and taste wines you will grow fond of. You can find all that right in the very centre of Brno, next to St James´ Square - the liveliest spot in the town, at our restaurant. Our chefs use fresh high-quality ingredients: lamb meat directly from breeders, dry-aged local beef, pork and locally farmed poultry from our own butchery Mikrofarma, daily selection of fish and seafood. Pastry is prepared for us by artisan family bakery using sourdough and organic flour. For group bookings, events and rentals we use our premises in Údolní 33.

Our interior
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    La Bouchée Grill next to St James´ Square /open daily/

    is our new space in the heart of Brno´s gourmet life
    * breakfasts
    * wines and sparkling wines by glass
    * tapas
    * fresh fish and seafood
    * steaks from our own butchery Mikrofarma
    * canapés with beer and wine
    * choose your own food from the bar
    * take away

  • plb-1500-0029-2

    La Bouchée Club next to St James´ Square /wed-sat/

    is our new bar and event space in the basement under our Grill
    * drinks
    * cocktails
    * wines and sparkling wines by glass
    * tapas
    * DJ
    * party and events

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    Údolní 33 /events only/: Café, day restaurant and wine bar

    is located in the front part of the restaurant. In this space, our guests are in a direct contact with our sommeliers, bartenders and chefs in the open kitchen. It is a perfect choice for small tastings. Seating capacity: 28

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    Údolní 33 /events only/: (Ex)Cigar lounge

    with its informal atmosphere is the right place for your business meeting, fun or cozy temporary escape from the rush of a big company event. Seating capacity: 10

  • laa-008-2

    Údolní 33 /events only/: Stylish cellar

    is located a couple of steps down, under the vaulted ceiling. Architecturally sophisticated environment is the heart of La Bouchée and it is also the most suitable space for a real feast. Space with the highest capacity, which can be extended even more by connecting it with the next-door private lounge. Seating capacity: 50

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    Údolní 33 /events only/: Private lounge

    ties to the stylish cellar and is an impressive multifunctional space with warm atmosphere of crackling wood and heat coming from the fireplace. Owing to its good technical equipment – data projector, screen and internet conection, this quiet private space is suitable not only for family celebrations but also for meetings, presentations, press conference and other company events. Seating capacity: 30 + 8 seats around the fireplace.

Your event in La Bouchée /Údolní 33/
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    Company events /Údolní 33/

    Concerns about booking premises for company parties will definitely become your triumph when you will dazzle your colleagues by the environment of our stylish restaurant with great service and excellent cooking. We can prepare a gala buffet in the premises of La Bouchée Restaurant or outside of it, we will prepare special menu for your consisting in several courses. On request we will ensure entire service, even above-standard, for a company event or training that you are to organize (we have a lounge with a data-projector and a screen).

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    A wedding reception, a graduation party or a birthday party /Údolní 33/

    Your guests will remember the most important day in your life with a blissful gourmet sigh. It would be our pleasure to prepare wedding reception, graduation party, celebration of a child being born, important anniversaries and events in our premises – exactly according to your requests and wishes.


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    Outside La Bouchée’s premises, we are delighted to create a stylish atmosphere and bring the culinary art of our chefs to the place of your choosing, including wine or premium liquor tastings carried out by our bartender. We will help you with a birthday party as well as a corporate event.

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    Rent premises at La Bouchée /Údolní 33/

    You can rent any of our premises in Udolní 33 individually or you can combine them according to the type of your event.
    General seating capacity: 125, general capacity: 150

Gift certificate
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    Gift certificate

    Buy a gourmet experience for your loved ones!


    You can choose out of vouchers worth 500 and 1000 CZK.


    Pay and pick up directly at La Bouchée Grill /Běhounská 18 street/ or in advance by bank transfer at 35–9367390237/0100. Make sure to include your name in the payment!


    Vouchers can also be sent by the post to your address (with an additional cost of 50 CZK for postage)

Core team
  • lb-jiri3_tisk-2

    Jiří Crha

    chef de cuisine

  • lbm-tisk-0031-2

    Zbyněk Dokulil


  • la-u%cc%88tverec-0032-2-2

    Bronislav Peška


  • lbt-0002-2

    Ondřej Černý


  • la-u%cc%88tverec-0026-2

    Lenka Pospíšilová


  • plb-1500-0035-2

    Helena Dohnálková


  • lbm-tisk-0030

    Martin Haneček


  • la-u%cc%88tverec-0027-2

    Martin Katreniak


  • plb-1500-0033-2

    Jan Kozel


  • lbb-%c2%a8tv-0015-2

    Jakub Herynek

    bar supervision

  • lbt-0015-2

    Petr Korger

    restaurant manager