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Bon appetit

Your events in La Bouchée

Concerns about booking premises for company parties will definitely become your triumph when you will dazzle your colleagues by the environment of our stylish restaurant with great service and excellent cooking. We can prepare a gala buffet in the premises of La Bouchée Restaurant or outside of it, we will prepare special menu for your consisting in several courses. On request we will ensure entire service, even above-standard, for a company event or training that you are to organize (we have a lounge with a data-projector and a screen).

It would be our pleasure to prepare wedding reception, graduation party, celebration of a child being born, important anniversaries and events in our premises - all in exact accordance with your expectations and plans. Your guests will remember the most important day in your life with a blissful gourmet sigh.

You can hire any of our premises at Udolní 33 or you can combine them in compliance with the type of your event. General seating capacity: 125, general capacity: 150